Tim Dean

Photo 29 Captain Tim Dean and the Calypso crew Womens world record stipe marlin 62 4kg on 16lb tippet Photo courtesy of George Trinkler

Skipper & Owner of
Calypso Fishing Adventures

I run the busiest sports fishing boat in this country. My clients come from all round the world to fish with us in some of the most remote areas in Australia. You can't cut corners, you can't compromise quality and you need good service to keep your operation top of the heap. We only deal with the best suppliers, we have to. That's why we use Black Pete.

Lee Rayner

Photo 27 Lee Rayner with a nice Victorian Mako shark this photo is for blurb

TV Presenter/Magazine Contributor
Tackle Store Owner
Fishing Fever - Melbourne, VIC
Catching a fish of a life time is something we all strive for. To do that everything has to be perfect, especially in gamefishing, that's why I use Black Pete Tackle. All quality that you know will help get those big fish to the boat.

Vic Levett

Extra photo Vic Levett with

Magazine Contributor & all round good fisherman

My main passion is gamefishing even though I like catching everything from bass to kingfish. Quality is very important to me as I am always trying to catch the fish of lifetime. All Black Pete Tackle is of exceptional quality and I know it won't let me down.

Glen Booth

Photo 30 Glen Booth with a

Editor & Writer/Photographer

Black Pete products have shown themselves to be well engineered and capable of handling the stresses of high performance Bluewater angling. From their custom wind-on leaders to their tackle wallets, tag poles and other innovative equipment, if it's got a Black Pete label on it, you know it's going to be good. They're also the Australian agents for quality products like Momoi line, Owner hooks, Manley tools, Fishworks clothing and Mold Craft and Marlin Magic luresto name but a few items in their comprehensive lineup, and the Black Pete team have done a huge amount of work to establish these great products in the eyes of offshore anglers right around the country.

Steve Haygarth 'Hoggy'



If you are in the business of catching fish, you might have heard of me, Captain Steve Haygarth or Hoggy to my friends. I am very meticulous about what I put out behind the boat I am driving and express to my anglers and crew. I have no reservations about putting Black Pete tackle out to catch that dream fish for my anglers as it has never let me down in any situation. The people at Black Pete Tackle listen to what we require for charter fishing and the quality is the same every time.