Blackfin - The Blackfin Skeg

Blackfin large15.5''
Blackfin medium12.5''
Blackfin small10.5''

Introducing The Blackfin Skeg...the ultimate replacement and enhancement skeg on the market today.

Designed to protect and perform, the Blackfin Skeg is made from a high impact composite featuring two tapered wings on each side for structural reinforcement and lift at every angle of engine trim.

A sacrificial node on the Blackfin's bottom is shaped to turn the engine slightly on side impacts resulting in lower unit and prop protection.

To determine the Blackfin model for your engine, measure from the front of the prop to the tip of the gear housing. Simply match this measurement to one of the Blackfin sizes listed below.

Blackfin Large - 15.5''
Blackfin Medium - 12.5'' to 14.5''
Blackfin Small - 10.5'' and 11.5''

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