Black Pete - Loop Needles


Manufacturing your own wind-on leaders, doing a mono-to-Dacron top-shot on a reel, or even making up a safety lanyard for your fishing sunglasses has never been easier thanks to this handy splicing kit from Black Pete Marine.

There are 10 splicing needles and three pulling needles in the set, with diameters suitable for making up casting wind-ons for barramundi fishing, right through to wind-ons for use in Cairns heavy tackle marlin fishing. The splicing needles are hollow all the way through to the point, so there's less likelihood of the mono slipping out mid-splice, which can happen with other brands that are only hollow for part of their length. The points are also rounded so they are less likely to keep poking out the side of the Dacron as the needle is slid up inside, potentially damaging the weave and creating a weak spot.

The needles are made in the US from medical grade stainless steel, and come in a protective leather pouch with a Velcro fastening. This kit is a much-have for serious game fishermen.

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