MPL-MSS - Marlin Magic - Snyper

It's a killer on small Blacks and Mahi Mahi

MPL-BBR - Marlin Magic - Baby Baby Ruckus

Like its older brothers, the Baby Baby Ruckus is dynamite in many positions. This lure causes alot of comotion for its size and is always worth thinki...

MPL-SCB - Marlin Magic - Chopped Bullet

A favourite lure of the Black Pete Staff. This little beauty works in all sea conditions in any position. An absolute killer on Stripe Marlin, althoug...

MPL-BP - Marlin Magic - Baby Pear

A great lure for chasing small marlin and Mahi Mahi. Swims deep with vigorous head shake.

MPL-BHH - Marlin Magic - Baby Hard Head

Another great light tackle lure. The small hard head runs through the water with ease creating a massive bubble trail for its size.

MPL-ST - Marlin Magic - Sail Tube

Like it's bigger brothers, the medium and large tube, the sail tube is a great lure. Especially on ultra light tackle. An excellent light tackle lure...

MPL-AP - Marlin Magic - Ahi Pussy

The Ahi Pussy is a dynamic lure on all species, especially tuna. A great lure when tuna are feeding on bait.

MPL-APJ - Marlin Magic - Ahi Pussy Jet

Similar to the Ahi Pussy except it has jet holes in the head to increase your bubble trail.

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