Black Pete - CLBT-MTC 12/0 - Mustad Tuna Circles Mustad 399950bl X 2 With Leader & Dacron Loops


Circle hooks are all the rage with serious live baiters nowadays and so they should be, because when fished properly they produce jaw hookups on marlin, tuna and sharks, which is better for the fish and makes it easier to release them boatside. Black Pete are now making pre-rigged circle hook live bait leaders, designed to match the predominant bait fish species found at Australia's major game fishing hotspots. They come two to a pack, with the 10/0 chemically sharpened Mustad circles rigged on nine feet of hard-wearing 150 pound Momoi. This makes them ideal for big slimies and frigate mackerel. The 12/0 sizes come with nine feet of 300 pound Momoi, making them a perfect size for use with skipjack and mackerel tuna. Both leaders are of 'wind-on length' for line classes 15 kilos and up. All crimps are bench swaged and the chafe gear is black tubing. Twenty centimeter 130 pound Dacron loops supplied with each hook are large enough to accommodate big live baits, or those anglers who like to run a long bridle on their livies.

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