MC-8000 - Mold Craft - Tuff Mac


Mold Craft Teaser

Marlin can be extremely complicated creatures at times and it's a truism of game fishing that billfish and even tuna sometimes prefer their meal under the surface, not splashing across the top of it.

The Mold Craft Tuff Mac is 32 centimetres long and its hydrodynamic shape will see it swimming at a variety of speeds. The split-tailed design really flaps like mad and the hook slot is large enough to take forged game hooks up to size 11/0, so Tuff Macs can be fished off a variety of line classes.

They make a great sub-surface teaser for switch baiting, and Tuff Macs are also worth hanging off the back off a mirror or Fish Fender teaser for added under water attraction.

The Tuff Mac bears more than a passing resemblance to a slimy mackerel and is available in two colours - green and yellow, and purple, silver and black.

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