MC-1425-1371 - Mold Craft - Tuff Hoo

MC-1425-1371-1PUR/SIL 1
MC-1425-1371-3GRN GLOW1
MC-1425-1371-6BLUE GLOW1

Mold Craft Lure/Teaser

Mold Craft Tuff Hoos are a rubber garfish or ballyhoo (in American parlance) that can be rigged to either skip or swim.

As the name suggests, Tuff Hoos are sufficiently robust to survive more than one hookup, especially the skipping versions which slip up the leader and away from a fish's jaws on the strike.

Tuff Hoos come in six fish-catching colour schemes and are also available unrigged if you wish to do it yourself. There are three rigged versions available - one designed to swim with a luminous sinker on the chin, another rigged to skip with a Mold Craft Soft Bird sliding free on the leader, and a third with a pink squid on the nose as would be done with a real gar.

Factory-rigged Tuff Hoos feature 3.4 metres of 150 kilo mono leader and a single 10/0 stainless steel Maruto hook. Chafe tubing prevents the mono wearing where it connects to the swivel, and the end of the mono has been melted to prevent it slipping through the crimp under extreme pressure - a nice detail.

Black Pete Marine can also custom-rig Tuff Hoos or any of the extensive Mold Craft range to your specifications.

Tuff Hoos are so versatile that you can fish them from a 'rigger in freespool with dropback like a bait, or strike drag like a lure - it's entirely up to you and how the fish are biting on the day.

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