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Now we all know that you can use just about anything as a teaser, from thongs to feather dusters, but most teasers are about surface activity, with very little thought given to creating fish-attracting commotion beneath the surface. Stripteasers, however, are a sub-surface teaser that really livens up a boat's wake and attracts game fish, especially billfish, from near and far.

Stripteasers consist of a daisy chain of 6, 9 or 15 baitfish silhouettes (fish, garfish or squid shapes, with holographic bodies and blue, green or black fins) affixed to clear plastic strips that trail behind a plastic turbine-shaped towing point. Now you could troll a single Stripteaser and enjoy some success with it, but a whole school of them is just so much better. The Australian Stripteaser agents, Black Pete Marine, also carry 24 and 36 inch collapsible spreader bars to hang the Stripteasers from and this way you can create a three dimensional school of fake fish.

The Stripteaser system does its best work at bait trolling speed and there's a fair bit of drag created (the weighted spreader bar weighs over 800 grams), so it needs to be towed from a cord or heavy nylon flatline rather than an outrigger or teaser pole. We want it swimming deep in the water, so a high towing point is not an advantage.

When a fish is raised, the Stripteaser needs to cleared completely from the wake, as it looks so incredible that marlin instantly fall in love and won't leave it alone - even when there's a delectable live slimy mackerel or yellowtail swimming just inches from its nose.

For more information, check out the website - just be very careful to type the address in correctly or you could find yourself looking at something totally unrelated to fishing!

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