MC-7300SC - Mold Craft - Standard Super Chugger

MC-7300SC-41PUR/SIL/BLK8 1/41
MC-7300SC-37PUR/SIL 8 1/41
MC-7300SC-17BLUE/WHT/PINK8 1/41
MC-7300SC-14PUR/SIL/PINK8 1/41
MC-7300SC-59RAINBOW/YEL8 1/41
MC-7300SC-15BLUE/WHT/YEL8 1/41
MC-7300SC-26BLK/PUR8 1/41
MC-7300SC-57BLK/PINK8 1/41
MC-7300SC-55RED BAILY SPEC8 1/41
MC-7300SC-22PINK/WHT8 1/41
MC-7300SC-04LUMO8 1/41

8 1/4

Chugger-style lures are known for their versatility in a variety of sea conditions and Mold Craft's Chugger range is arguably the best of the lot. Possessing a realistic softness that won't put an attacking billfish off, a radically cupped face and reverse taper means they'll hang in there from live bait speed to 14 knots, shimmer and boogie, and throw out a long contrail of bubbles.

The Super Chugger comes in two sizes Standard (23 centimetres) and Senior (30 centimetres) and is also available in a luminous colour scheme for use after dark on broadbill swordfish, tuna and even sharks.

This particular lure (in pink and white) really got the game fishing world talking back in 1992, when it produced a stupendous 1402 pound Atlantic blue marlin off Brazil, so there's no questioning its effectiveness.

The Chubby Chugger is a shortened head version of the Senior Super Chugger (28 centimetres in length), which has been designed to give the lure more of a vibrating effect through the water, keeping it beneath the surface for longer periods, but with an enticing shake when it pops to the top.

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