MC-6100B - Mold Craft - Standard Soft Bird

MC-6100B-41PUR/SIL/BLK9 1/21
MC-6100B-17BLUE/WHT/PINK9 1/21
MC-6100B-14PUR/SIL/PINK9 1/21
MC-6100B-45GRN/YEL/WHT9 1/21
MC-6100B-15BLUE/WHT/YEL9 1/21
MC-6100B-26BLK/PUR9 1/21
MC-6100B-22PINK/WHT9 1/21

Originally a Japanese invention for raising deep-feeding yellowfin and bigeye tuna to trolled surface lures, bird teasers have made the transition to the game fishing scene with great success. They still work on tuna, but marlin, sailfish and other game species find them irresistible as well.

The medium and large Soft Birds also make brilliant teasers, either rigged singly, as a daisy chain, or mixed with Mold Craft Squirt Squids on a spreader bar. Their fluttering, wave walking, action certainly attracts the attention of predators and while most people use them as teasers, Soft Birds are also extremely effective lures in their own right.

Mold Craft Soft Birds can be rigged ahead of a conventional lure for added attraction, and the all-tackle world record Atlantic blue marlin of 1402 pounds ate a lure with a Mold Craft Senior Bird rigged ahead of it on the leader. (Just check the legalities of this rig, as GFAA rules appear to be at odds with IGFA rules.)

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