MC-5709 - Mold Craft - Squirt Squid



While these lures are aimed at the small but growing broadbill swordfish market, rubber squid were popular and successful trolling lures long before the advent of modern-day trolling heads and there's no reason why they won't still work today. Overseas, they're still widely used by anglers targeting giant bluefin tuna, so they will definitely work in Australian waters.

Squirt Squid are tough enough to take the knocks and they're also relatively cheap, so it doesn't matter if the odd shark chews them up.

Rigged Squirt Squid are available in six, nine and 12 inch sizes, and two colours - pink and luminous. The 12 inch Squirt Squid is rigged with a pair of 11/0 Mustad 7691S stainless steel hooks and ten feet of 400 pound Momoi nylon; the nine inch features two 9/0 Mustad 76LGS stainless steel hooks on 200 pound Momoi; and the baby six inch Squirt Squid comes with two 8/0 Maruto 1920X stainless hooks on ten feet of 150 pound Momoi. Chafing gear is luminous tubing, for added appeal at night.

Rigged Squirt Squid are perfect for use off downriggers where the action of a pusher or cut face lure is nullified, and are also available unrigged for anglers who want to do it themselves.

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