MC-G2 - Mold Craft - Small Fish Fender

MC-G2PINK4 1/2116
MC-G2GREEN 4 1/2116
MC-G2PURPLE4 1/2116


A lot of weird and wonderful objects get towed behind boats to draw marlin to a lure spread, but who would've thought a boat fender would make such a great teaser? Well, they do and Mold Craft now manufacture a Fish Fender teaser designed to swim like mad the moment it hits the water. The Fish Fender works at three to ten knots and dives to ten feet below the surface, adding an enticing 'third dimension to that lure or teaser pattern.

Made from super tough vinyl and measuring some 41 centimetres in length, the Fish Fender is available in purple/black, green/yellow and pink/white colour combinations, which are finished with an all-new Super Sparkle Clear Coat. It comes rigged on a 600 pound mono leader and has a split-tailed Mold Craft Tuff Mac mackerel hung off the back for additional sub-surface attraction.

The other endearing feature about the Fish Fender is that it is easier to recover than other sub-surface teasers and won't do any damage should it hit the boat transom on the way in.

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