MC-1500RT - Mold Craft - Senior Real Tight

MC-1500RT-14PUR/SIL/PINK11 1/21
MC-1500RT-17BLUE/WHT/PINK11 1/21
MC-1500RT-22PINK/WHT11 1/21
MC-1500RT-26BLK/PUR11 1/21
MC-1500RT-41PUR/SIL/BLK11 1/21
MC-1500RT-45GRN/YEL/WHT11 1/21
MC-1500RT-55RED BAILY SPEC11 1/21
MC-1500RT-04LUMO11 1/21

11 1/2

This new Mold Craft lure has a unique double taper on the head and this combines with an angled face to give it a wild swimming action in the water, throwing out a big foaming contrail. The Real Tight makes an excellent teaser lure, but most people prefer to put hooks in it. It can be run just about anywhere, from the short corner to the long rigger, taking strikes in all these positions.

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