MC-9000 - Mold Craft - Senior Bubble Head

MC-90001 1/2" DIA1

Skipping dead baits such as garfish, sauries and even slimy mackerel is an extremely successful way of targeting marlin, sailfish and tuna, but sometimes they need a little bit of added enticement - especially on calm days - to turn lookers into eaters. Enter the Mold Craft Bubbler Heads.

Based around the highly successful Mold Craft 'Hooker' head design, these Bubbler Heads come in two sizes - one inch and 1 1/2 inch -and a kaleidoscopic range of colours. The blunt face and a series of jet holes drilled through the head throws up an incredible amount of spray, the heads are hollow so the bait's head can be tucked up securely inside, and large, prism tape reflective eyes create a handy reference point for attacking pelagics.

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