MC-DAISY1 - Mold Craft - Senior Bird w/ Tuff Hoo & Standard Hooker


1 x Snr Soft Bird, 3 x Tuff Hoo, 1 x Std Hooker on 300lb leader w/ Black Pete heavy duty crane swivels

Black Pete Marines' comprehensive Mold Craft lineup has been boosted with the addition of three new Daisy Chain options. These are serious teasers for seriously big fish for use when switch-baiting blue and black marlin for instance.

Mold Crafts' realistic squishiness is a big factor in their success as teasers, as an attacking billfish doesn't get suspicious when his bill comes into contact with these realistically soft lures.

There are three Super Daisy Chain versions; the first features a Senior Bird at the top, two Standard and two Little Birds, and finished up with a Senior Super Chugger at the end. The second option has a Senior Bird at the top, four Tough Hoos, and a Standard Hooker bringing up the rear, while the third has a Standard Bird at the head, four Tough Hoos and a Standard Super Chugger. Each Tail End Charlie has a loop crimped on the end so a tuna belly flap or suchlike can be stitched on for added attraction, and the Daisy Chain itself is made from 500 pound Momoi.

To create additional surface commotion, Options One and Two are rigged on short leaders hanging from 125 pound breaking strain Crane Swivels. A range of colours are also available and Black Pete Marine can custom-rig any Mold Craft teaser/lure combination to suit an anglers specifications.

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