MPL-MS - Marlin Magic - Medium Striker


Great on all species, bubbles all day long with ease.

Black Pete Marine's Marlin Magic Baby Billfish Selection of trolling lures has been especially chosen to catch everything from enthusiastic striped tuna through to yellowfin, albacore, mahi mahi, wahoo and sailfish. They're more likely to do their best work on black and striped marlin, however, bur don't be surprised if an oversize blue marlin takes a fancy to one of them either!

The range includes a Marlin Magic Ahi Pussy (the definitive 'shotgun' 'rigger lure), a Small Pear, a Small Tube, a Chopped Bullet and a Hard Head. These superbly designed pieces of piscatorial jewellery epitomise the lure maker's art and every one can be run in a variety of positions.

One of the mistakes newcomers to marlin fishing often make is to choose lures that are too big for the intended quarry - and where striped and black marlin are concerned, too big a lure with too big a set of hooks doesn't make for clean hookups. The lures in the Baby Billfish series measure from 21 to 23 centimetres in length, and will slide down a marlin's cakehole without too much trouble. Depending on individual preferences, they can be rigged with two small hooks or a large single.

The skirts are high quality Yo Zuris and are securely tied (not glued) to the lure head, so damaged skirts or a change of colour scheme is easily undertaken. Black Pete Marine can also custom rig any Marlin Magic lure to a customer's specifications and lure skirt colour combinations can be customised as well.

These lures can be towed on eight to 24 kilo tackle and their beautiful balance means they will continue to swim in an enticing manner regardless of the sea conditions.

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