MPL-MP - Marlin Magic - Medium Plunger



When fishing a new location, or back out on the water after a bit of a break, the question of what lures to run is foremost in every serious lure troller's mind. Too big and you can miss out on some fun on medium sized billfish, too small and you can be driven mad by striped tuna and the like. What's needed is a pattern that will appeal to most of the fish swimming out there, and this is where the Black Pete Marine's Marlin Magic Medium Marlin Series comes in.

This range of lures represents a bit of an each way bet, being small enough to appeal to the striped marlin and mid-range blacks that make up most of the lure trolling activity in Australian waters, but not being so small that decent blue marlin aren't going to be interested in them. In fact, the Medium Straight Runner (aka Zip Rocket) is a bit of a special on blues when run in the short corner position.

Aside from the Straight Runner, the Medium Tube, Medium Plunger, Medium Pear and Baby Smoky Joe have the sort of worldwide billfish credentials that inspire confidence in anglers whenever they're tossed out the back. The resin heads are crystal clear, the abalone shell inserts and highly reflective eyes throw out plenty of flash, and re-skirting is a breeze thanks to deep-cut collars behind the heads. The brass tube won't groove through use and will keep the lure tracking straight and true for years to come.

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