MPL-XXLR - Marlin Magic - Marlin Magic XXL Ruckus

MPL-XXLR14 1/2"1

14 1/2

In Australia's more temperate waters, it requires real commitment to the task at hand to forsake the mid-range striped and black marlin action that smaller lures attract and commit to trolling 14-16 inch lures, but if that much sought-after grander blue marlin is ever going to be caught here, this is precisely what has to be done. And the following Marlin Magic lures selected by Black Pete Marine are the very plugs you should be trolling.

Like Super Dog, XXL Ruckus is another scaled-up lure in the Marlin Magic Range, this time based on the sensational Ruckus - one of the sweetest blue marlin lure head shapes ever created. No doubt the XXL Ruckus will continue to maintain its family's distinguished pedigree in coming years.

Incidentally, Black Pete Marine can also custom rig any of these superb lures to suit an individual angler's special requirements. Needless to say lures of these dimensions should be trolled on 60 kilo tackle, and 37 kilo at a pinch.

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