MC-4300CN - Mold Craft - Little Chugger Needlefish

MC-4300CN-41PUR/SIL/BLK11 1/21
MC-4300CN-17BLUE/WHT/PINK11 1/21
MC-4300CN-14PUR/SIL/PINK11 1/21
MC-4300CN-45GRN/YEL/WHT11 1/21
MC-4300CN-15BLUE/WHT/YEL11 1/21
MC-4300CN-55RED BAILY SPEC11 1/21
MC-4300CN-26BLK/PUR11 1/21

11 1/2

The Mold Craft Needlefish Little Chugger is a new lure on the Australian game fishing scene, but it has been very popular in overseas fisheries for many years now. Some 11 1/2" (29 centimetres) in length but with a small diameter, they give the appearance of being a much bigger lure, tow easily which makes them perfect for light and ultra light tackle trolling, and the long skirts help keep them in the water on rough days.

Mold Craft Needlefish are available in pink/white, blue/white/pink, green/white/yellow, and black and purple colour schemes. They are particularly effective when marlin - particularly stripes - sailfish, kingfish and mackerel are feeding on long, slender bait fish species like garfish, sauries and long tom. Trim the skirts if necessary to suit the predominant bait size in the area and you're in business.

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