MC-9800EJ - Mold Craft - Enormous Johnson



Switch-baiting is growing in popularity as more and more anglers realise that not only is it a remarkably effective technique for producing a secure marlin hookup, but it's also a hell of a lot of fun as well. Consequently, teasers of all manner of shapes and sizes are being dragged behind boats from Bermagui to Cairns, though not every one of them works.

Due to their soft vinyl construction, every lure in the Mold Craft range makes an effective teaser, but if billfish in excess of 500 pounds are the target, then there are two teasers in particular that are well worth looking at.

The bizarre but effective Enormous Johnson incorporates the head of a Senior Super Chugger fixed to the front of a Giant Hooker. While it might look a little weird, its success at raising marlin to the transom so they can be fed a hook bait can't be denied. Some 41 centimetres in length and three inches in diameter, it is surprisingly easy to recover from the water and has a great smoking/swimming action.

Other lures in the vast Mold Craft range that would make excellent big fish teasers are the Magnum Bobby Brown and the Magnum Wide Range.

Finally, a word of caution - given their size, these teasers are going to attract really big fish, so ensure the tow line or teaser reel is strong enough to wrestle them back out of the jaws of a few hundred kilos of enraged billfish. Then again, you could simply rig a pair of razor sharp 14/0s in them, clip the lure to a 130 pound outfit and get ready for the fireworks!

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