Billmark Lures - Bluefin Candy 6



With southern bluefin tuna making a comeback in the waters of southern and south eastern Australia, there's a need for a lure of a size that will appeal to tuna both big and small, which is what Black Pete Marine have created with their new Bluefin Candy trolling lure. Measuring 15 centimetres in length, this new lure has the quiet action through the water that southern bluefin love, but will also produce bites from yellowfin tuna, albacore, mahi mahi and yellowtail kingfish in warmer waters.

The head is three centimetres long, has a mauve tint to it, and the inserts come in a choice of mirror, foil or abalone shell. The skirts are from Black Pete's new tangle-free range, and available in a variety of effective fish-catching combinations. Bluefin Candy lures are also available rigged on heavy-duty Momoi leaders and single stainless steel Mustad hooks. Check with your local tackle store for rigging details.

The larger 30 centimetre version of the Bluefin Candy is likely to be a deadly billfish catcher and a good choice when having to run long distances at high speed to find fish.

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