Black Pete - Black Pete Alloy Decky Plier & Pouch


Decky Plier & Pouch

No matter how careful you are with them, the traditional deckie's pliers have a limited lifespan once they come into contact with salt water, so these new pliers from Black Pete Marine should seemingly last forever.

Made from a hard-wearing anodised aluminium alloy, the pliers are useful for unhooking fish, twisting up single-strand wire leaders, and cutting braided and monofilament line in a wide variety of breaking strains. Being spring-loaded, they are always ready to use, and the jaws are made from tempered carbon steel which ensures their longevity. Their canvas holster can be fitted to a belt, and a stretchy safety lanyard means they're always with you.

A quick rinse in fresh water at the end of the day and a squirt of lubricant on any moving parts will have these pliers providing sterling service for many years to come. What's more, the jaws and cutting mechanism are easily replaced should you damage them.

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